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Aliens are back and they're angry in this 5th installment of the best selling franchise Alien Defense in Alien Defense V! In AD5, you play as Max Fightmaster. A tough veteran in the alien killing business. He's been in action for a long while. With the addition of local co-op, the second player can play as Maxine Fightmaster, Max's younger and brighter daughter! Together, you both take control of turrets and fight off the continuing alien barrage from the city. Power ups fall down that aid your battle. Download now! How long do you think you can fend them off for? 


-Jeremy Blake

-Steve Diezel

-Tyler Brooks

Install instructions

It's pretty simple. You just click the download and you get a .zip with an .exe and a data file for the game. Just make sure you run the game from the same location as the data folder and you're free to go! Resolution is 1280x1024


AD5.zip 21 MB

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